July 2022

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Lower testosterone can cause menopausal symptoms in men

Many people often think that only women experience menopausal symptoms, but in recent years the term "male menopause" has also emerged, referring to the lack of androgens and testosterone deficiency in men. In order for men to "regain their virility", androgens are essential, the most important of which is testosterone. Testosterone is a key androgen responsible for features such as hair growth, muscle mass and pubertal voice changes. As men age, testosterone levels gradually decline after the age of 40. In some specific cases, infertility has been shown to be associated with low testosterone. Statistically, millions of men worldwide suffer ....

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Barbara Banda’s testosterone levels are too high

Barbara Banda's testosterone levels are too high Zambian women's striker Barbara Banda is likely to miss out on this year's Africa Cup of Nations. She has been dropped from the national team due to "excessive testosterone levels and an overly masculine appearance". At the end of June, "Marca" reported that Real Madrid Women's Football Team is about to sign Zambia international Barbara Banda from Shanghai Women's Football Team. The transfer has not been officially announced so far. On Friday, the Zambian women's football team excluded Banda from the African Cup of Nations. In an official statement, the Zambia Football Association ....