Middle-aged and elderly men are powerless, choose sildenafil or testosterone?

Middle-aged and elderly men are powerless, choose sildenafil or testosterone?

Due to gender differences, the social division of labor and roles between men and women are different. In order to make their families live a happier life, most men suffer from greater life pressure and social pressure, especially in the highly developed society of modern society. , Many male friends grow with age, and the risk of various health problems in their bodies is much greater than that of women, and statistics show that the average life expectancy of men is often lower than that of women.

There is a relatively common but rarely mentioned problem among middle-aged and elderly men – male dysfunction, if you are over 40 years old, and some “powerless”, or occasionally “cannot”, don’t think this is an example, according to Survey data in my country show that 40% of men over the age of 40 have different degrees of male dysfunction.
This problem is really annoying! In real life, many couples are troubled by the poor quality of their sex life. In fact, the causes of sexual dysfunction are very complex, mainly including the following aspects: First, physiological factors. The second is psychological factors. The third is social factors. On the one hand, healthy couples live less and less in family life, and it will also affect the relationship between husband and wife and even the harmony of the whole family, and may be regarded as a sign of no emotion by the other party. negative impacts. Moreover, these effects and changes in men’s own functions may also lead to a series of health problems. Studies have found that men who have been unmarried for a long time have a reduced body immunity, and the risk of suffering from emotional problems such as depression and anxiety is further increased.

Therefore, a moderate, healthy and harmonious married life is not only beneficial to the physical health of middle-aged and elderly people, but also important to their mental health. With the acceleration of the aging process of society, the average life expectancy of people is gradually prolonged, and the proportion of the elderly is increasing. Due to their deteriorating physiological functions, declining psychological functions, and increasing demands on family relationships, they are faced with many new situations that are different from the past. When facing the problem of male dysfunction, pay attention to weight control, strengthen exercise, eat a reasonable and healthy diet, pay attention to the effect of the drugs used, and maintain a good and optimistic mood for conditioning intervention in life, and some minor problems can be cured. To achieve effective relief, for some male friends who have paid more attention in their lives but are still “powerless”, it is also a legitimate and reasonable way to resort to drug treatment.
In the current field of drugs for the treatment of male dysfunction, there are two most commonly used drugs, one is sildenafil as a type 5 phosphodiesterase inhibitor, in addition to sildenafil, there is also tadalafil Flavone, vardenafil and avanafil; another category is testosterone supplements such as testosterone undecanoate and testosterone enanthate.

Which of these two drugs can improve male dysfunction better? This is a topic that many patients are very concerned about. Here I would like to introduce some situations and understandings about this aspect. Both PDE5 and PDE4 are hormone regulators in the neuroendocrine regulatory system. Let’s first take a look at the difference between the drugs themselves. PDE5 inhibitors are the first-line drugs for the treatment of male dysfunction. Their mechanism of action is to highly selectively inhibit the activity of PDE5 and make the vasoactive substance cyclic guanosine monophosphate (CRP) ) degradation is reduced, thereby promoting local vasodilation, improving blood supply, and improving male dysfunction. Such drugs have direct efficacy and high efficiency, and are the drugs of choice for many men when they have related problems. Testosterone supplements mainly use exogenous androgen supplements to increase low testosterone levels in men, thereby improving male function.
After talking about the mechanism of action of the drug, let’s talk about the causes of male dysfunction. There is not only one reason for this type of male problems. There are three more common reasons. The first is because of changes in hormone levels in the body, especially in males. Decreased levels of the hormone testosterone, resulting in low desire, dysfunction, etc., and secondly because of changes in blood vessel health, such as the hardening and narrowing of blood vessels, resulting in poor blood flow, which also results in dysfunction problems. Psychological influence, some people have anxiety, depression and other bad emotions, resulting in normal dysfunction.

Another point to be clear is that the cause of male dysfunction is often not a single cause, followed by the result of a combination of factors. Clinically, for male infertility patients, in addition to considering their own diseases, infertility may also be caused by some other factors. If the correct method is not taken to deal with it, there will be serious consequences. Therefore, testosterone supplementation and the selection of PDE5 inhibitor drugs such as sildenafil are not one or the other. It is a better method to reasonably select a more appropriate drug treatment plan according to different causes.
Whether it is necessary to take testosterone supplements must pass a clear assessment and inspection. If there is no decline in male hormones, taking this medicine will not help improve the problem, but may cause some health risks and even affect the normal secretion and transformation of male hormones in the body. Not worth the loss. In our daily life, we often see that some people have serious diseases or symptoms because they have not adjusted their endocrine status in time. Such patients are called “high testosterone disease”. So how to treat it? In general, checking serum testosterone levels can determine whether there is an obvious low testosterone problem. For friends who do have low testosterone problems and have symptoms of male dysfunction, using testosterone supplements to increase testosterone levels in the body is a possible effective drug.

Many friends like to ask about the symptoms of low testosterone. What symptoms are usually accompanied by low testosterone? Expert Answer: Under normal circumstances, male androgen levels are inversely proportional to age. When a man reaches a certain level, the secretion of sex hormones will decrease, which will lead to smaller testicular volume and lower sperm quality. In addition to male dysfunction, low testosterone in middle-aged and elderly men can also be accompanied by the following related symptoms or problems-
Muscle mass decreased and body fat percentage increased.
Less strength, easy to get tired, especially easy to be sleepy after meals;
Irritability, restlessness;
Hemoglobin decreased, mild anemia.
There is an increase in blood lipids;
prone to low back pain, accelerated bone loss, and gradual decrease in bone density;
Less body hair loss.
All of the above can cause health symptoms or problems due to decreased testosterone levels. If multiple conditions occur together and are accompanied by male dysfunction, you should consider checking the serum testosterone level to confirm whether there is a low testosterone problem. Specific drugs for testosterone supplements The types and doses should be evaluated by a professional doctor to determine a reasonable treatment plan, rather than adding them indiscriminately.
Sildenafil PDE5 inhibitor is a more targeted method for the treatment of male dysfunction caused by vascular factors. With the continuous improvement of the level of social development, there are many unreasonable phenomena in the drug treatment of PDE5 inhibitors. For example, after a comprehensive analysis of the patient’s own constitution, inappropriate use of drugs; lack of correct medication guidance and so on. The long-term effects of chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hyperlipidemia and vascular aging caused by age factors are one of the main risk factors for male dysfunction. It is also very important to actively practice a healthy lifestyle and gradually improve the overall health of the body. Only by paying attention to the maintenance and conditioning of vascular health through various channels can PDE5 inhibitors be more effective in improving male problems. .

However, for some multi-factorial male dysfunction, such as both vascular health problems and low testosterone, testosterone supplement therapy combined with sildenafil and other drugs is also a way of administration. There is no inconsistency in the medicines, and they can be used together rationally.
Regardless of whether testosterone replacement therapy or PDE5 inhibitor drugs (such as sildenafil) are used, adverse reactions and contraindications should be noted. In the field of male reproductive health, “male hormone replacement therapy (THE)” has been proven to have good efficacy and high safety, so it has been welcomed by more and more clinicians and patients. But there are some misunderstandings to be aware of. Patients with prostate cancer and its related risks, and those with serious problems with urinary system diseases are not suitable for testosterone supplements, nitrate supplements, and sildenafil supplements. For patients with severe cardiovascular diseases, such as uncontrolled heart failure , Not suitable for married life by itself, testosterone supplements or sildenafil.

Adverse reactions such as sildenafil, sildenafil treatment common adverse reactions are dizziness, headache, nasal congestion, pharyngitis, abnormal vision, muscle pain, if the body cannot tolerate it, you need to pay attention to stop the drug; adverse reactions that can be caused by testosterone supplements It also includes skin acne, stimulated prostatic hyperplasia, worsening of lower urinary tract symptoms, worsening sleep apnea, and increased cardiovascular risk. It is also worthy of special evaluation and control of drug safety.