Testogen supplements testosterone-stimulating products, are they really effective? Can nugenix boost testosterone levels?

Testogen supplements testosterone-stimulating products, are they really effective? Can nugenix boost testosterone levels?

As we all know, testosterone is very important for fitness. It affects the growth and development of muscles. Usually people with higher testosterone levels can train muscles much faster than ordinary people. Because of this, the problem of “promoting testosterone” is very important for men. It is an eternal topic, no man will dislike his high testosterone level.

Since it comes to testosterone boosting, one of the supplements that has to be mentioned in fitness is the testosterone boosting supplement. Is it really effective for this supplement? Or a placebo? Maybe you don’t know, can these products really help us promote the secretion of testosterone? Increase testosterone secretion levels? Today we will talk about this issue.

A quick overview of the main points of this article:

  • A simple understanding of testosterone, what is testosterone?
  • Key Ingredients in Testosterone Supplements
  • The best way to boost testosterone
  1. A simple understanding of testosterone, what is testosterone?

Let’s first understand what is testosterone? Maybe everyone’s perception of it is just a hormone, which is very helpful for my muscle growth and fat reduction. This is not wrong. It belongs to a type of male hormone. Hormones are secreted by both men and women. Men secrete mainly from the testes and women from the ovaries. In addition, the adrenal glands also secrete a small amount of testosterone.

Men’s testosterone secretion is about 10-20 times that of women, so men’s muscle growth is significantly better than women’s in terms of fitness and muscle growth. It is precisely because of the existence of this hormone that women’s muscle growth is more Men are much more difficult, and women are not easy to develop large muscle mass.

In a nutshell: Testosterone is a hormone that plays an important role in muscle strength and mass; bone density and strength; and nerves and physical performance.

Testosterone stimulation naturally promotes the secretion of such hormones, thereby improving the exercise ability of bodybuilders. However, there is a concept that needs to be understood here. Testosterone stimulation is divided into endogenous and exogenous. Endogenous refers to: internal factors produce Or caused by diseases, substances; promote the synthesis of testosterone in the body; exogenous refers to: the use of these supplements to increase the ability of one’s own testosterone secretion.

  1. The main ingredients in testosterone-stimulating supplements

The main ingredients of the mainstream testosterone supplements on the market are: Tribulus saponins, zinc magnesium, fenugreek extract, ZMA, etc. Let us explain these substances one by one.

  1. Tribulus saponins

Tribulus saponins are extracted from the herb Tribulus terrestris, and many businesses advertise that it can stimulate the testes. In fact, many research papers say that this substance to stimulate the testes is mostly used in animals, but it is very limited in the human body.

However, some studies have shown that it does play a role in the improvement of married life. The main reason is that this substance can release nitric oxide, dilate blood vessels, and increase blood flow. If you are interested in married life, you can search online for nitric oxide. A search, here will not do too much to explain.

  1. Zinc magnesium, ZMA

In fact, these two can be put together to say that zinc supplementation can promote testosterone for many people. In fact, zinc supplementation to promote testosterone is based on the lack of zinc in your body. But if your body is not deficient in zinc, then supplementing it will not have much effect.

The human body has a very powerful regulating function. It is impossible to lack it, but too much supplementation is also ineffective. The body will self-regulate to a reasonable level. In addition, if you supplement too much, it may also affect It affects the secretion of your testosterone, so if you are deficient in zinc, you should supplement it properly and adjust it to a correct level.

Magnesium improves your sleep quality, allowing you to sleep better. Good sleep will indeed have some effect on the secretion of testosterone, but the premise is that you do not sleep well. If the quality of sleep is not very poor, there is no need for additional supplements. Magnesium.

In addition, when it comes to ZMA, that is, Zinc Magnesium Power, some vitamin B6 is added on the basis of zinc and magnesium. In fact, the effect is similar to that of zinc and magnesium. Adding vitamin b6 will not change much, and its effect is still zinc. and magnesium at play.

As I said at the beginning, you should consider supplementing if your body is lacking. If you are not lacking in supplementation, it is meaningless. Sometimes it may be risky. Excessive zinc supplementation will cause zinc poisoning in the body, causing vomiting and diarrhea. , indigestion and other symptoms.

  1. Fenugreek Extract

Fenugreek extract is more of a reduction in the efficiency of testosterone conversion into DHT for testosterone. DHT is dihydrotestosterone, which is a substance that causes your hair loss. Fenugreek extract is more suitable for specific Crowd, actually for testosterone

The effect is not very big.

In fact, for testosterone-boosting supplements, these substances are singled out, and there is no stable enough evidence to prove that they can significantly increase the level of testosterone secretion. You may feel good after eating it, or it may be because of a certain nutrient. What the body needs is exactly what the body lacks, and it is just replenished, and it has a certain effect.

In addition, it is possible that some caffeine, BCAA, etc. are added to these testosterone supplements, which are synthesized and used!

  1. The best way to stimulate testosterone

For the secretion of testosterone levels, it varies from person to person, and the increase in it will not be much the day after tomorrow. Based on the body’s strong ability to regulate, the overall testosterone level is still within a range and relatively stable.

Just like when you squat, squatting will increase the secretion of testosterone for a short time, but after a period of time, the testosterone will be at a previous level; your excessive training will cause your testosterone secretion to decline, but after a good rest recovery, testosterone The level will return to the original level.

However, for testosterone stimulation, endogenous testosterone stimulation and exogenous testosterone stimulation were mentioned at the beginning. The best testosterone stimulation method is endogenous, such as: exercise more to maintain a good body, do not stay up late, keep Adequate sleep, not smoking, not drinking a lot of alcohol, these are all good ways to stimulate testosterone.

For me personally, instead of taking these testosterone-boosting supplements, it is better to practice more legs!


Think about it, do you really need these testosterone-boosting supplements to increase your testosterone levels? Before buying them, have you taken a good look at what kind of life you are in? If you rest on time every day, barely touch junk food, and have a good exercise routine, then these supplements are really meaningful to you. Not big. If you have good eating habits and good living habits, your testosterone level will not be too bad.

On the other hand, if your living habits and eating habits are poor, you eat some junk food every day, stay up late every day, the fat on your belly accumulates heavily, you are too lazy to move when you go out and walk, let alone exercise, then your testosterone If the level is low, you should not give priority to testosterone supplements, but it is correct to start to change your living state.

Don’t put the cart before the horse, reverse the order of priority, and go further, even if they are useful, can you rely on them for the rest of your life? Obviously not, changing the state of your life is what you need to do.